Why house share in Hull? Five benefits of co-habiting.

If you’re thinking about finding a house share in Hull here are a few benefits to co-habiting that might persuade you to sign on the dotted line…

1.) Shared cost. It’s not unusual for the rent you pay for a room in a house share to be cheaper than what it would cost you to rent a starter home on your own in a similar area. Whilst this may seem obvious, there are further hidden savings to be had that many people don’t account for if they haven’t lived on their own before. The cost of Council Tax, Gas, Electric, Water and Internet can easily add an extra £200 on to your monthly outgoings when you live on your own, but these costs are normally split between tenants living in a house share, or increasingly, they’re included in the rent itself, so you don’t have any additional costs on top of your monthly rent. Whilst this reduces your overall expenditure it also removes the hassle of dealing with utility companies directly, which is an undeniable benefit many will attest to.

2.) Social benefits. If you’re moving to a new area to work or to study then chances are you won’t have an established social network for evenings out exploring the local night life or nights in on the couch with a pizza and Netflix. Many people find this difficult, especially if you’re not naturally extroverted, and when you add a new job or a new place of study into the mix this can lead to isolation and loneliness. Sharing a house with people who are at a similar stage of life to yourself is a great way of meeting new people in a new city and will give you the confidence and contacts to begin to establish yourself in the local area.

3.) Cleaning. No one likes it and there’s nothing worse than coming home from a long day and having to fire up the hoover or get settled in front of the sink – if you live on your own it’s pretty clear who’s going to be going to war with the washing up liquid every evening. But if you’re in a house share it’s common to rota the cleaning duties with your housemates so at least you might get 3 days to recover after your last pitched battle with the toilet bowl. An added benefit of co-cleaning is that you’ll often hold each other to account so you’re less likely to fall behind on the chores and create a hellish backlog to catch up on. You might even end up doing it together to get it over with quicker!

4.) Go green! If you’re environmentally minded there are a myriad of benefits to living in a house share, from reducing energy consumption through only having one house to heat, to washing clothes together, reducing food waste and encouraging recycling. All of these things serve to shrink your carbon footprint and improve the sustainability and health of our environment.

5.) Flexibility. Many see renting as ‘dead’ money but we’re not convinced that’s actually the case. There are many reasons you may want to rent rather than buy a home, but even if that is your ultimate aim, renting a house share will minimise your monthly outgoings and help you smash your savings goals. With an open mind and a friendly demeanor house sharing can be a brilliant way to maintain your flexibility for that next big career move to another city, whilst also giving you the chance to build up your monetary war chest towards that holiday, car or house deposit that you’ve been aspiring to.

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